Bloom Bright: Great ideas for learning at home.
Sent right to your phone.


You are your child's first and best teacher. 

Bloom Bright is designed to activate family time with simple,
fun and engaging ideas for learning when you're with your child. 
And it's incredibly easy to sign up for this free service!

Once you sign up, you'll start to receive ideas tailored to your child,
from birth to pre-k, that help you build their skills.

In other words, these texts give you simple ways to make family time
-- from grocery store visits to family gatherings --
a time for learning and growth!



Want to receive a few texts a week with great ideas for making family time a time for learning and growth? 
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Bloom Bright is a family-focused, text-based service that empowers parents as educators.
We send encouraging, research-backed messages designed for families with young children.

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